At, we value the importance of using images responsibly and respecting the intellectual property rights of others. This Images Policy outlines our guidelines for using and attributing images on our website.

Image Sources

We strive to use images from reputable sources that offer licenses compatible with our website’s usage. The primary sources we utilize include:

  1. Free Stock Image Websites: We obtain images from free stock image websites such as Openverse and Pixabay, which provide images licensed for free use, modification, and distribution.
  2. Creative Commons Licenses: We may use images licensed under Creative Commons licenses, which allow for various levels of use, depending on the specific license terms.
  3. Original Content: Whenever possible, we create and use original images or obtain images through partnerships with photographers and artists.

Attribution and Credit

We are committed to providing proper attribution and credit for all images used on our website. Here’s how we handle attribution:

  1. Image Credits: We include image credits or attributions beneath or adjacent to the images used on our website, specifying the source of the image and, if applicable, the name of the creator.
  2. Hyperlinked Attribution: When feasible, we hyperlink the image credit to the original source to provide users with easy access to the source material.
  3. Alt Text: We ensure that all images include descriptive alt text, which not only improves accessibility but also serves as an acknowledgment of the image source.

Compliance with Licenses

We adhere to the terms of the licenses associated with each image we use. This includes respecting any restrictions on commercial use, modification, and redistribution as specified by the image’s license.

Reporting Issues

If you believe that we have used an image improperly or without appropriate attribution, please contact us at We take copyright infringement and attribution seriously and will promptly address any legitimate concerns.

Original Content

We encourage the creation and use of original images whenever possible. If you are a photographer or artist and would like to contribute original images to our website, please reach out to us at the provided contact email.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our Images Policy or the use of images on our website, please contact us at

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